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We were so impressed with how inclusive you were with our son and are so happy with the entire experience. He was so interested and engaged in seeing and learning about the baby and you made it exciting for him! We’ll be back! Thank you!

We had a fantastic experience. Heather was very professional and made us feel very comfortable. It was worth every dollar to see what our baby girl is going to look like. We learned that she is going to be talkative by our ultrasound. It seemed like she had a lot to say! I would recommend 4DPeek to any expectant mom. P.S. This would make a great gift!

We came at 28 weeks and 32 weeks. We LOVE it. It is so nice and peaceful here. You actually have a good time. They always make you feel as comfortable as possible. We’re recommending it to everyone!!

This is grandma. I can’t believe the images our family were able to see and enjoy all together. Truly a remarkable experience! It is hard to believe I was able to see fingers, hands, face, legs mouth opening and especially the thumb in the mouth…. Watch out baby Aubrey… mom says no thumbs just pinkies! I love it! Fantastic! Words cannot explain the feelings I have inside.

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4D / 3D Ultrasound Services

At 4D Peek of Cleveland, we give a whole new meaning to ultrasound. In the past, expectant parents were unable to see their baby until he or she was born. We provide revolutionary, new elective 3D and 4D prenatal ultrasound services. We utilize the most up-to-date 3D/4D sonographic technology and are able to bring clear, amazing images of your unborn baby to life. Enjoy a special moment with your unborn child today.

Call 440-951-PEEK (7335) or visit us at 7575 Tyler Boulevard in Mentor.

Technology has advanced far beyond the early black and white grainy 2D ultrasound photos of the last century. For the past decade and more, expectant moms and dads could have 3D ultrasounds in Ohio, providing them with a more realistic picture of their child. Today, an even more advanced technique is available for those wanting to book a 3D ultrasound in Cleveland.

With amazing 4D ultrasound, parents can watch their baby in real time right in our office, instead of just viewing the detailed photos available with 3D ultrasounds. Cleveland moms-to-be can relax and enjoy the thrill of seeing their son’s or daughter’s tiny fingers and toes for the first time – live!

Early 3D ultrasounds provided blurry images of babies in their mothers’ wombs. Over time, more sophisticated techniques made these three dimensional images clearer, and series of stills could be run together into a video, which could be processed and delivered to the family as a keepsake. 4D ultrasound takes the experience to a whole new level by adding the element of time to the procedure, making it possible for the ultrasound to be viewed in video format as it is taking place!

Imagine the wonder of seeing your unborn child move inside the womb. With 4D ultrasounds, our Cleveland based imaging team introduces you to an unforgettable experience; seeing your tiny baby sleep, swim, wave, and even suck his or her thumb as you watch in awe.

The professional, comfortable setting in the offices of 4D Peek of Cleveland make this experience stress free and unforgettable. Want to see how your child at various stages of development? Ask about our package deals for 4D peeks at your baby at 18+ and 25+ weeks. Know someone who’s expecting? A 4D ultrasound could be the perfect baby shower gift!

Don’t miss out on the chance to watch your baby at sleep or play as he or she grows safely in the womb. Call us today to book your 4D ultrasound!

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