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Expert advice & tips for pregnant women

15 Nov 2017

If you’re expecting your first baby in the cold months ahead, caring for her skin is going to become an utmost priority. Infant skin is delicate and dries out easily. Between the cool, crisp air outside and the dry air that recirculates throughout your home in the winter[…]

19 Oct 2017

Thinking of having professional photos taken before your baby makes his debut? Many expectant moms opt to document their pregnancy glow, their joy over being pregnant, and their baby bump before their 40 weeks are up. Try one of our ideas for a terrific maternity photoshoot and make[…]

26 Sep 2017

Postpartum depression (PPD) affects approximately 20% of new mothers, and can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Because a woman’s hormones shift dramatically after giving birth, hormones are often to blame. But a history of depression, traumatic events during pregnancy, and a lack of a support system[…]

22 Aug 2017

While your newborn baby may seem completely unaware of her surroundings, it’s important to start reading to your infant in her early days, and continue fostering that love of books as she gets older. These ten books are great ways to introduce her to pictures, stories, and the[…]

26 Jul 2017

  As you head into the last weeks of your pregnancy, you’re likely starting to feel some amount of anticipation. When will contractions start? Are you beginning to dilate? Will your water break at home or at the hospital? Before labor actually begins, you may experience some more[…]

8 Jun 2017

As you add to your registry, remember to check out some of the coolest new baby items on the market this year. While tried and true recommendations are always welcome from friends and family, some of this year’s toys are innovative and unique, and will make the baby[…]

10 May 2017

Every expectant parent is warned, as their due date approaches, that life with a newborn will be overwhelming. And it’s true that sleepless nights and frequent feedings, coupled with recovery from childbirth and a rush of hormones, can leave new mothers feeling depleted. Whether you need someone to[…]

18 Apr 2017

You’re at the grocery store. You’re pushing your screaming child back and forth in his stroller, in front of the frozen food section, hoping that his crying will cease and you’ll have enough time to choose a pint of ice cream. There’s spit-up on your t-shirt and you[…]

10 Mar 2017

Isn’t it enough that your belly is growing, your “morning” sickness lasts throughout the day, and you’re using the bathroom every hour? Your body may also experience some other odd sensations and changes during pregnancy. Many of these are common and completely normal.   Your Sense of Smell[…]

1 Feb 2017

If you were to take a poll of expectant moms, asking them about the most exciting part of pregnancy (besides the baby, of course), they might just say decorating the nursery! Overhauling a new room in your home and picking out brand new décor for your baby-to-be is[…]