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Write a quick review and win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Our business depends a lot on recommendations and reviews from guests, but we know everyone is busy these days and every vendor on the planet asks for reviews. So we’re giving you an incentive!

Every month, we give out $50 Amazon gift cards to people who wrote reviews! That’s right, all you have to do is write a couple words about your visit and you could win $50. If you write more than one review, you’ll be entered to win more than once.

How does it work?

Each month, at the end of the month, we look back at all the reviews we got for the month.  We look across all the websites we get reviewed on (Facebook and Google) and select one or more people to get a $50 Amazon gift card.

The Amazon gift card (which looks like that picture on the right) is emailed directly to you.  It will come to your email address with a note from us, thanking you for the review!

Where to write reviews?

Here is a list of the websites our business is listed on. Each of these websites allow you to leave public reviews.


Google Local Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

If this list doesn’t include your question, just ask!  We’ll be happy to answer it and add it to the list!


Do I need to notify you after leaving a review?

No, we look directly at the review websites (ie. the website mentioned above) and find our winners.  We then email each winner directly.  As long as we can figure out who you are from your name, handle or review information (which we typically can) there’s no need to let us know which review is yours.

Does it have to be a 5 star review?

No. That being said, only honest reviews qualify.  If we feel the review is unfair or dishonest, it will not qualify for the monthly drawing.


Can I review & win a gift card more than once?

Sure!  If you leave your review on more than one of the above websites, we will consider it multiple times in the monthly drawing.


Which website is the most important one to leave a review on?

If you can, copy and paste your review to multiple websites. That helps us reach everyone with your information since guests find us on lots of different websites.  However, if you only leave one, please leave a review on Google.