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Customer Reviews

We had a fantastic experience.  Heather was very professional and made us feel very comfortable.  It was worth every dollar to see what our baby girl is going to look like.  We learned that she is going to be talkative by our ultrasound.  It seemed like she had a lot to say!  I would recommend 4DPeek to any expectant mom.  P.S. This would make a great gift!
J&C N.

This is grandma.  I can’t believe the images our family were able to see and enjoy all together.  Truly a remarkable experience!  It is hard to believe I was able to see fingers, hands, face, legs mouth opening and especially the thumb in the mouth…. Watch out baby Aubrey… mom says no thumbs just pinkies! I love it!  Fantastic! Words cannot explain the feelings I have inside.

Today was an awesome day for me.  The experience was great today I found out that I got the blessing that I prayed so hard for a baby boy.  Thank you so much! Diana

What an amazing way to see our future granddaughter!

What a great, amazing, beautiful experience.  Our entire family came to see baby Vivian.  She is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to hold her and kiss her!
Anti Lor and uncle Marc

Breath taking experience amazing to see our wonderful baby boy, JD.  Cant wait until he gets here to see him in person. Babies are truly wonderful!  Jamaal and Andrea

Heather is amazing! We also had this done for my son in 2010 and that’s why we came back! It is the most amazing and breathtaking experience to see our unborn child’s faces! There aren’t enough thank you! I highly recommend it to everyone I know!  I LOVE 4D Peak and Heather!

What a great experience!  The atmosphere was calm and very comfortable.  I am extremely grateful for getting a chance to see my little one so clearly! I appreciate all of it!  – Sarah J.

This was my first time here and I had such pleasant experience.  I was able to see my little man before he was born.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to see him. Nice people, nice place.  Thanks. – Alexandra C.

This was awesome to see my first grandson. Wish they had this 30 years ago.  The 4D Peek is great! Nancy T. (Grandma)

This was an awesome experience too see my little pumpkin moving all around.  She is such a joy already and to see that little smile on her face is something I’ll never forget!  Debbie W. (grandma)

25 weeks, 5 days, so cool!! My beautiful nieces first baby pics we could really see!  This was an awesome experience! – T.T. Lizzie (Aunt)

So excited to see my beautiful baby girl.  Never seen something so amazing in my life.  I feel truly blessed to be pregnant and so excited to see her 14 weeks before she comes!  Tiffany Z.

Wonderful experience! Definitely worth it!!  Staff is very patient with my little man!

This was a very awesome experience.  I would highly recommend it to everyone.  The Staff was so nice and helpful.  Thank you 4D Peek!
Chaz S.

A very cool experience for anyone trying to see what their child looks like.  Definitely worth it!
M. P.

27 weeks!! This is definitely the best thing I’ve done this pregnancy.  Amazing experience so happy I made the trip from Canton. Worth every penny to see all the little things you you miss in a regular ultrasound!  S. H.

25 weeks and 5 days! Got to se my first granddaughter! It was amazing!  All I can say is that she will be so spoiled!  We all love her so much already!  S.G. (grandma)

This experience was one of the best we have had for the entire pregnancy. The staff was great at explaining everything and really taking time to get great pictures.  We will definitely recommend and hopefully return on future pregnancies. Beth and Steve W.

Heather was awesome! Made the whole experience fun and informative. Highly recommended!  Jodie

This experience was amazing.  I would come back if I had another baby.  The video was a wonderful idea!  Vince and Shannon C.

As a first time aunt-to-be, this is one of the most incredible experience to have!  Fantastic customer service, friendly atmosphere and clearly very caring of the families!  Just amazing!  Kellie R.

First time grandparent… GREAT EXPERIENCE!
Mark and Patricia H.

Awesome experience  it feels like I met my daughter for the first time.  Can’t wait to go home and watch my video again.  Thanks so much!

Amazing… I finally got to see my gorgeous nephew! Thank you so very much!
Amy and David

I love my coming baby sis! We loved this place – great experience.   Kaylee and Luke T.

This was fantastic!  My whole family got to take part in this experience to see the baby move is something I will never forget.  Will be back and recommend to anyone,

I’m so very glad that I got a chance to see my first grand child through 3D Peek, it was truly amazing and I love her already.  Thanks for a pleasant experience, we felt right at home.  Dawn